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  My4AsNews {October 2008}

4As Member Agencies Enjoy As Much As 15% Off Combined Direct Mail Postage & Production Costs


Singapore Post has announced a 4As exclusive Direct Mail Rate (Printed Papers Only). This is aimed specifically to encourage, development and use of printed Direct Mail.

This program accords members a bundled discount rates which can also include the related components of postage, printing and letter-shopping costs*.

Weight (up to) Usual Rate 4As Agency DM Rate
20g $.313 $.25
50g $.407 $.35
100g $.474 $.40
200g $.588 $.50
300g $.663 $.55
500g $.744 $.65

To have full details and a Singapore Post representative call on your Media, Production or Servicing Manager’s please contact: Ms. Tan Lishan at 6845 6302.

*Extent and type of related components associated must be outlined in detail by the attending Singapore Post representative.





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