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  My4AsNews {October 2008}

Interview with Ariane Goo, Singapore Media Awards Young Media Person of the Year


This issue, we ask Ariane Goo, Media Group Head of OMD Singapore, on her thoughts about the media industry and about her recent win at this year’s SMA as Young Media Person of the Year.

How does it feel to win the recent Singapore Media Award's Young Media Person of the Year and what does winning this award means to you?

Winning the award instils confidence in how I see this industry going forward which is bridging the gap between the arts and science of communications planning by working more cohesively with our agency partners.

It is a great honour to be recognized by peers and industry leaders, and it certainly motivates me to continue pushing the boundaries in the years to come.

What is your take on media innovations?

Media innovation is about how unique and effective the BIG IDEA (or strategy) is, and not whether the execution is a first time ever. It is a bonus if we can capitalize on new media platform, but there are always opportunities to create new execution from existing media.

All media innovations ought to deliver the campaign objectives with creative flair and not compromise on accountability whenever possible. What I have also learnt is innovation does not equate to high investment but rather spending the least to achieve the most.

What trends and changes do you see in Singapore's media landscape and how do you see client's leveraging off these changes?

Digital media is going to gain more importance with new generation of consumers living in digital age. Traditional media still have their own strength though evolvement is critical to stay current and relevant.

Content will play a critical role as consumers are active participants in selecting their media choices. Engagement takes on a higher level when consumers are hooked to content produced. Technology has evolved whereby ads can be skipped or omitted, and thus building the brand in the most natural form becomes important.

Technology is science, and everything will eventually be quantifiable. Every advertising dollar (should be and) is going to be held accountable.

Tell us where you draw your inspiration and drive from and what are some of the challenges of being in the media industry and how you overcome them?

I draw inspiration from mentors who come a long way and their passion continues in every piece of work they lay their hands on, turning them into award worthy pieces.

The drive comes from my desire to become an exemplary media person in the years to come with a thirst to acquire knowledge that will help me in the course of work and life.

Some times you have to trust your intuition on the idea no matter how unconventional it is because it can be the next big thing! Perseverance produces results. It is tough to keep knocking on the same door that closes on you each time. You just have to keep knocking as it may just be another person welcoming the idea you believe in so much.

We understand that you have plans to pursue an MBA. How do you manage to juggle hectic work schedules with school?

I am currently pursuing my Master of Mass Communication at NTU, and it is very difficult to juggle work schedules with school. I am thankful OMD provides a conducive environment that promotes learning and growth regardless in and out of company. Most importantly, the support from my boss and team mates is what made it possible for me to pursue my studies.




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