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  My4AsNews {December 2009}

A chance to share a beer and smoke with David Droga

Supported by DesignSingapore Council, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore registered 28 Crowbar winners to attend Spikes Asia 2009. We caught up with Nicholas Goh, currently a final year student majoring in Creative Media Design at Singapore Polytechnic who was in the winning team for the Crowbar 2009 24-Hour Advertising Challenge on his experience at the event. He has also won Silver in Printcraft: Copywriting under Advertising.

How does it feel to win the Crowbar 24-Hour Advertising Challenge 2009 and what does winning this award means to you?

Winning the Crowbar 24-Hour Advertising Challenge was huge for me! It was a competition that I really wanted to win after failing the year before. The whole challenge experience was one that I will never forget anytime soon. I knew a fair few other contestants this time round and we all had a good time trading thoughts.

This was one of the two awards I won this Crowbar and it has immediately opened doors for me into the industry. I can proudly say that this is one of my bigger achievements so far.

You were given a free pass to the 3-day Spikes Asia 2009. How would you describe your experience at the event?

Spikes was absolutely delightful. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Singapore representative for the very first Spikes Academy organised by Cheil Worldwide. It was a mind-blowing experience for me, with all the meeting of new friends and industry practitioners from all around the world. The people from Cheil were wonderful and my schoolmates and I even went over to their agency in Korea for a visit.

The plethora of speakers at the Spikes was also amazing for a student like me. My highlights of the event are probably meeting Neil French and sharing a beer and a smoke with David Droga. Who would have thought that I would be face to face with some of the brightest minds in the world?

What have you learnt and how have you benefited from the experience?

I learnt so much from all the speakers and fellow students that I met at Spikes. From them, I learnt that one should always be curious and ask questions. Another thing that I took away from Spikes was not to take advertising too seriously and become obsessed, we are in the business of selling shampoo and glue, not curing cancer. Have an open mind and a light heart, I'm sure that is something that I will remember for a long long time.

What is the most memorable encounter or lesson you had?

My most memorable encounter would most probably be meeting the Asian students in the Spikes Academy. They are a great bunch of people, and of course having a bit of a banter with David Droga over a beer and a cigarette, definitely the high point of my life!


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