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  My4AsNews {December 2009}

Interview with Lim Si Ping, winner of the Crowbars 2009 Best of Show award

The Crowbars 2009 Awards Show marked a historical moment when Lim Si Ping from LASALLE College of the Arts scooped both the Best of Interactive and Best of Design awards, a first that an entry has won two Best of Category awards.

To top that off, she also walked away with the Best of Show award at the awards show.

Her win exemplifies the versatility of student’s work across disciplines. The judges are impressed by how she “expressed herself in such a multiple level manner” and commended her “immersive and engaging story-telling” through the use of different mediums. Here, she shares her thoughts and plans after the wins.

How does it feel to win the Crowbar Awards 2009 and what does winning this award means to you?

I am deeply humbled and honoured. I did not expect to be invited onto stage to receive anything, let alone win 3 consecutive crowbar awards. It was a very memorable moment for me and my design institute, LASALLE College of the Arts. In a way, these awards are a recognition of the nurturing environment of LASALLE. I am very proud of the other winners and it gives me great honour to share this glory with LASALLE.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I don't scout for inspiration, specifically. If you choose to be inspired, the inspiration will come to you. For me, I find the most natural source of inspiration from people with different perspectives in life.

You have worked as a freelance artist for four years. Do you think that gave you an edge in the competition?

No, I don't think so. The project 'I M PERFECT' that was submitted to The Crowbar Awards is a contrast from the kind of illustrative work I have done as a freelance designer. In comparison to my freelance projects, my work has developed into an art form far more conceptual, focusing less on aesthetics and more on the greater impact of design. However, I do feel with the experience in the commercial world for four years, it has motivated me to open up my mind about developing design into a skill that is less of monetary use.

Do you think that the Crowbar is a good platform for creative students and what is your advice to them?

Yes, it is. However, I would advise them that awards are not, and should not, be the most important factor that drives you as a designer. Don't design because you want to get an award, get recognized, for money, for ego, for status. That is the problem about most creative industries. There is always a conflict of motivation as to what propels you further as an artist. I would say design because you are deeply passionate about it. If you can reflect that kind of sincerity through your work, the judges could already consider you as a Crowbar winner.

What are your plans for the future?

To remain passionate about what I do, and to expand creativity in design through other platforms, not just graphic design. I started off my career as an illustrator. Today, I do not wish to restrict myself to a sole expertise of design, especially when it exists in so many other creative fields as well. In contrast to what an art director told me when I was in London, he suggested that I should specialize my creativity on just one skill. I choose to not confine my imagination that way anymore.


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Interview with Lim Si Ping, winner of the Crowbars 2009 Best of Show award

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