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  Facts and Figures

At the risk of blowing our trumpet, the advertising industry in Singapore can be considered a national asset! Annual gross billings by all agencies in the country have now reached S$1 billion, and it is still growing.

Advertising impacts all and sundry, and even in the most unlikeliest of places. Advertising influences lifestyles and attitudes and thus impacts Singapore’s social development.
As advertising uses many different skill-sets, the industry is a catalyst for growth in many vital sectors such as publishing, broadcasting, communication, printing, film production and desktop publishing.

Naturally, Singapore has transformed into an international advertising creative centre. This is especially so with its print advertising, recognised worldwide and won many international awards and honours.

Concurrently, advertising contributes to the marketing of Singapore’s hotels, tourism and airline industries.

Besides the local tourism industry, advertising has helped Singapore corporations to embark for overseas markets, with good advertising design and packaging giving our products a competitive edge.

Advertising has a major role to play, as a national industry. The challenges 4As faces are to ensure a strong and orderly growth of the industry relevant to the Singapore environment; secure recognition from major media and the government to self-regulate the industry; develop skill and professionalism through creative excellence and help spearhead Singapore’s economic expansion at home and abroad.

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