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  My4AsNews {December 2007}

What's Your Colour?

Blue, Green, Yellow or Red. Understand yourself through the colours that represent you. That was what nine participants did at the recent Emergenetics workshop conducted by the 4As and Emergenetics Asia.

Over a course of 2 days, the participants learnt about themselves and others around them better. The four colours represent a person's preferences and strengths - Blue for Analytical, Green for Structural, Yellow for Conceptual and Red for Social .

The highly participative and innovative programme equips participants with an in-depth knowledge of how the brain works and how to apply the understanding of biopsychology and the “Emergenetics” profile and methodology to developing a creative leadership mindset, communicate effectively, and work in teams more creatively, persuasively and productively.

It focuses on three areas of personal creative leadership development in persuasion – Understanding and Managing Self, the Art & Science of Persuasion and Embracing Change.

Prior to the class, all participants took their online profile test. The first day opened with Joshua Teo, the facilitator, explaining how the brain works. Participants were then given their profiles, reflecting on their personal values and thinking preferences through action learning activities.

On the second day, participants learnt the Art & Science of Persuasion.

Their learning journey continues with individual coaching sessions with the facilitator after the workshop, enabling them to practise and reinforce what they have learnt.

The take-aways at the end of it all?

Ong Chee Lip, Creative Group Head of Gosh! said, “I found the Emergenetics programme to be tremendously useful. Through its unique profiling tool, I am able to have a deeper knowledge of how I think and behave; the way I process ideas and act upon them.  Emergenetics also aid me in understanding people and the world around me, thus promoting more effective communication in my daily life. It allows me to make better business decisions and forge a stronger and more productive team. Recommended!”

Chito Jusi, Director, MindShare added, “I went to the workshop not really expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out so great. The skills I picked up will be really useful to my work.

The first day was all about discovering who we were as personalities. Did we think analytically, conceptually? Did we think in one or more ways? I also liked the part were we found out how we behaved, especially in relation to other people. That one was interesting.

The second day was learning how to use our strengths in order to develop persuasion skills. It was fun trying to develop a persuasive argument using different ways of thinking.

I had a good time, I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun, especially meeting people who are very different from me.”

What does Joshua have to say?

“I was very proud to be able to facilitate a wonderfully attentive and participative group, who came with the willingness to learn, relearn and unlearn. They were open to new approaches to persuasion, humble in being persuaded on a new creative approach, and apply their newly acquired persuasive skills to their personal and organisational lives through the personal reflection time. I believe the takeaways for each participant was good as proven from the high approval rate for the workshop. Importantly, we all had fun and I cannot wait to conduct the next session in April 2008!”

If you had missed out on the workshop, don't fret. The next session will be scheduled for late April next year. Watch this space for updates.


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