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  My4AsNews {December 2007}

My 4AsNews Interviews Adrian Chan

How did you get started in advertising?
I did AWARD school in Melbourne in 2005 followed by 12 months of internships, one of which was with O&M that eventually lead me to getting the job here. 


Who inspires you the most and why?
Excited people, because they're contagious, and really help over come inertia.

What do you think attributed to your win at this year's Creative Circle Awards?
The folks at Ogilvy. I pretty much owe everything I have done in the last two years to the guys in our department for taking the time to teach, nurture and eventually, collaborate with me.

What are some trends that you see in the world of advertising?
One thing I've noticed this year is how print ads with lots of really small tiny pictures are doing quite well at award shows.

Any advice for other young art directors?
Make sure you have fun with whatever you do, it makes the hours more bearable, and generally results in better work.



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My4AsNews Interviews Adrian Chan

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